First-time and Returning Candidates

The resources on this page are intended for candidates who began the National Board Certification process in 2014 and later. Here you can access certificate-specific standards, overviews of the certification components available in 2014, and important policy and procedure documents.

Certificates, Standards,
and Instructions

Guide to
National Board Certification

Choosing the right
Certificate Area

Component 1: At-a-Glance

Component 2: At-a-Glance

Component 3: At-a-Glance

Scoring Guide

Assessment Center
Policy Guidelines

Request for
Testing Accommodations


Eligibility Verification Forms
and Documents

Adult Release Form(English)

Adult Release Form (Spanish)

Student Release Form (English)

Student Release Form (Spanish)

Student Release Form
(Simplified Chinese)

Student Release Form
(Traditional Chinese)

EAYA World Languages
Candidates Prerequisite FAQ